Crew Leader Application

The idea behind Crews came from an awareness of our need for community and vulnerability. We recognize that in order to truly grow, we must have a safe space for that to happen as well as a group of people to hold us accountable.

Crew Leader Requirements

In order to apply, you must be a graduate of the Journey Leadership Institute and be enrolled in the Journey Alumni Program. Please note, the application process and selection is extremely competitive, therefore not all applicants are guaranteed a spot as a Crew Leader.


What’s the commitment?

  1. Attend the Journey kick-off held in August.
  2. Facilitate eight monthly in-person meetings with your Crew. This translates to one meeting per month beginning in August and ending in March.
  3. Crew Leaders must be prepared for the meetings to last anywhere between 45-90 minutes.
  4. Attend the Milestone Celebration held in April.
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