Journey Application







The Journey Leadership Institute begins with a combination of training on core values, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. After developing a deep understanding of self, Journeyers will continue to grow and develop as they participate in each of the 8-monthly topic-based workshops. Each Journeyer will also be assigned to a Crew which will be composed of 5-8 Journeyers and a Crew Leader who will lead them into deeper discussions. Crews will meet in between monthly workshops. Learn more about Crews.

Monthly workshops will cover:

• Emotional Intelligence and Values Based Leadership
• Problem Solving and Conflict Management
• Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
• Embracing Change and Building Resilience
• Communication and Collaboration
• Leadership Effectiveness
• Overcoming Team Dysfunction
• Coaching and Feedback
• Envisioning Your Leadership Impact


Regular attendance is a vital component of active learning. Attendance is mandatory for all activities assigned to complete the GYP Journey program.

Class Participation:

Participants will be expected to complete any required preparations prior to class attendance and engage in active discussions with leaders, peers, and facilitators. Each Journeyer is allowed  1 emergency excused absence during the program. Missing more than 1 Journey workshop may result in expulsion from the program. If you are not able to fully commit to attending all workshops and crew meetings, we advise you to consider applying at another time.

Applications for this year’s Journey cohort are now closed! The Class of 2024 will be announced on August 1!


Melissa Ramirez
Gwinnett Young Professionals Program Manager

About GYP

Established in 2015, Gwinnett Young Professionals (GYP) was created by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce as an initiative to champion young professionals. We envision GYP to be the leading advocate and innovative resource for young professionals to connect, grow, and make an impact. GYP is designed for individuals, ages 21 to 35, who are living and/or working in Gwinnett. There are no membership fees/dues to participate. Getting involved with GYP is as simple as attending an event!


Journey Program Enrollment: $2,000

What is included in this cost?

  • Welcome binder and all printed materials
  • Insights Discovery Personality Assessment
  • Food and beverage for all 8 workshops, plus the Journey Commencement and Milestone Celebration
  • Venue Rental Fees
  • Instructor/Facilitation Fees
  • Graduation Plaque

Gwinnett Chamber facilities will be under renovation.